I went to her room and tapped on the door. She quickly opened it and stood aside with a quick nervous smile to let me in. She was dressed more or less as she had been the day before and it was clear that this was her office 'uniform'. I slowly walked to her giving her time to move away if she wanted to but she smiled a little nervously and waited for me to approach her. I took her in my arms and kissed her neck before whispering in her ear "Good morning, pretty Julia. Welcome to the start of the rest of your life". I moved my kiss to her cheek and then, looking into her clear blue eyes, to her lips. For the first time I made my kiss rather more demanding, moving my lips insistently against hers which slowly relaxed allowing me first to touch and then to brush her lips with my tongue. She gasped at the rather more intimate contact.

I was holding her firmly so that the fullness of her silk-covered breasts formed delicious soft mounds against my chest and I moved my hand from her waist so that she could feel my thumb brush the lower curve of her full breast. She gasped again. I kissed her again in the same way, without pressing further, and she relaxed more in my arms comfortable now with the caress. I slowly released her "Time for breakfast and a little talk" I said with a smile. She smiled back, still nervous and picked up her small handbag. I allowed her to precede me to the conservatory where we were shown to the table deep in the foliage that I had reserved much earlier that morning.